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We exist because we love the challenge of humanizing brands in innovative and impactful ways. We bring people face-to-face with brand stories using a combined power of technology and content in order to create authentic narratives and establish meaningful relationships that convert into measurable business results

We do this by employing a diverse team of thinkers and doers with varied backgrounds, perspectives, and skill sets who can execute on any platform, scale or continent.

We challenge convention, whether your brand is expanding, unveiling or transforming, we will deliver a mic drop moment that makes people care enough to talk loudly about it.

Get ROI on your online & offline brand activations 

At INFYA, we want to start a meaningful conversation between you and your target audience through our brand activations. Offering memorable experiences designed around your audience, and measurable return-on investment is what we do as a brand activation company in Dubai.

 We challenge convention; whether your brand is expanding, unveiling or transforming, we can deliver a mic-drop-moment that makes people talk about you.

Experiences people love

INFYA harnesses every tool available to us to create memorable experiences. Want to set up a virtual reality station to launch your new gaming company? Producing a 360 video to showcase homes at a real-estate conference? Need an attention grabbing social media activation that drives results? We’ve got you covered.

Digital activations

In today’s data-driven, digital-first world, making a lasting online impression is critical for your brand. INFYA leverages every tool we have on hand to increase engagement and loyalty to your brand and drive your consumers to action. 

We specialise in designing and executing creative social media activations and digital activations. From virtual reality and 360 video productions to social media solutions, this activation agency in Dubai’s got a full toolkit to provide you with the solution you need.


Offline activations

An INFYA, we work with you to create unforgettable memories for your audience, through immersive brand experiences. We harness the power of technology combined with effective content to create meaningful narratives that reach your audiences’ hearts. 

Our aim is to establish relationships that convert into measurable results through our offline activations.

As a brand activation agency in Dubai, we understand a good blend of offline and digital brand activations drive your message home.


Our diverse team of creative thinkers and doers work perfectly together to execute your needs on any platform, scale or continent. When you work with us, this synergy guarantees a bespoke experience. We listen to your requirements, understand exactly what you need and devise solutions tailored to you. 

What’s more, we love sharing what we’ve learnt through our experience as a brand activation agency in Dubai organising events across the UAE. Reach out to us, to learn more about our creative workshops and brand activation solutions.

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