Exhibitions & Conferences Solutions

Exhibitions Solutions

Our exhibition solutions are unique. They range from design and graphics to pre-build, shipping, on-site installations, and pre-show marketing campaigns, if needed, that will increase audience engagement. Our range of end-to-end solutions delivers a memorable brand experience and measurable return on investment.

At the heart of our business is a team of enthusiastic professionals who bring together the multi-disciplines that make great events. They include strategists, creative designers, marketers, project managers, and production specialists.

We deliver extensive exhibition solutions and conference solutions

We understand that conferences and exhibitions are challenging to organise. The huge crowds you’re expecting, goods that have to be delivered on time, specialised on-site handling, suppliers you trust to get in right. INFYA is your trusted exhibition & conference organiser.

Exhibition solutions

INFYA offers comprehensive exhibition management services to leading companies in the UAE. We pride ourselves on our optimal exhibition solutions, that deliver a memorable experience and measurable return on investment. Exhibition management requires specific solutions that INFYA can deliver with ease. 


At the heart of our business, is a dream team of professionals from multiple disciplines that are needed to make great events. Our team of strategists, creative designers, marketers, project managers and production specialists are focused on providing you with exhibition solutions tailored to your needs. 


Conference solutions

Planning a large conference or a series of workshops? We’re the partner you’re looking for. As a leading conference organiser in the UAE, we’ve worked with some great brands and delivered memorable events. 


Our team of producers, creative directors, technical directors, show directors, speaker trainers, graphics managers and experience strategists are on-call to deliver conference solutions that bring your vision to life.  We understand how to flawlessly deliver conferences and create unique, innovative and memorable brand engagement.


The art of experiential design

We possess the knowledge, experience and resources to manage every aspect of your exhibition. Our involvement can range from handling specific elements of your event to start-to-finish management depending on your needs. Our range of services includes graphic design, pre-build, shipping, and on-site installations. To us, experiential design is about delivering a narrative my maximising the potential of space. Every wall and corner of your stand will tell a story about your brand’s purpose. We want your message to shine through.


Pre-event marketing campaigns

Our exhibition and conference solutions can extend right from the beginning to the end of your event. If you’re looking for more footfall or want to generate awareness about your upcoming exhibition or conference, our services include pre-show marketing campaigns that can increase audience engagement.


Proven Track Record

Choose INFYA and we always go the extra mile to make your vision come to life. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen, understand and deliver that vision. The logistics of an exhibition or conference can be a complicated puzzle. It takes every piece, set in the right place to become memorable. We partner with you to handle what you need, and help take away the aggravation of extensive planning. Let us help you put together the pieces of your perfect event.

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Conference Solutions

We’ll be your partner and provocateur. As a comprehensive conference solutions provider agency, our world-class team of producers, creative directors, technical directors, show directors, speaker trainers, graphics managers, experience strategists and more, understand how to flawlessly deliver conferences and create unique, innovative and memorable brand engagements within a program.

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